Keys To Weight Loss Success

Dieting is one of the most popular pastimes in the US. Yet, as a nation, we continue to gain more and more weight! Why is that? Something isn’t working. What […]

Enhanced Memory

Coaching and Hypnosis Are you feeling your memory isn’t as sharp as you’d like? Perhaps you’d like to have faster recall of names, facts or events. Or perhaps you need […]

Enhanced Learning

Coaching and Hypnosis Would you like to boost your brain power? If you’re a student who wants to focus on studies, memorize and recall information at will and face exams […]

Successful Parenting

Coaching and Hypnosis Having raised two sons and also having worked as a parent educator for many years, I know how stressful, exhausting and challenging parenting can be. I also […]

Flying Without Fear

Coaching and Hypnosis Does fear of flying keep you from enjoying travel for business or pleasure? My unique combination of coaching and hypnosis has helped many people claim a new […]

Recovering From Grief

Coaching and Hypnosis Are you experiencing the loneliness and pain of personal loss? Perhaps a loved one has passed away, or beloved friends or family have moved. Sometimes we grieve […]

Sports Performance

Coaching and Hypnosis Are you an athlete or casual sports enthusiast who wants to boost your athletic performance? Hypnosis can be a great tool to aid your ability to perform […]

Quit Smoking

Coaching and Hypnosis Congratulations on your decision to become a non-smoker! I’m sure this decision not only comes from a desire for health and happiness, but also with at least […]

Inner Peace

Coaching and Hypnosis Would you like help quieting your mind and releasing negative thoughts, worry or anxiety? Or perhaps your heart is yearning for calm, safety and serenity?  I would […]

Pain Control and Restoring Health

Coaching and Hypnosis Are you experiencing physical pain and illness or feeling anxious about an upcoming surgery or medical procedure? Hypnosis and guided relaxation can help. Research has shown that […]

Evening Meditation

Coaching and Hypnosis Would you like to nurture a more reflective, intentional and growth inspired attitude about your life, relationships and purpose? I would love to assist you in making […]

Relaxation Techniques

Coaching and Hypnosis In this fast paced world in which we live, I love helping people learn how to relax their tension and worries away and how to gain emotional […]

End Insomnia

Coaching and Hypnosis Are you struggling with getting adequate sleep? Is it hard for you to fall asleep or to stay asleep? Relief is easier than you think! Whether your […]

Letting Go of Worry and Anxiety

Coaching and Hypnosis Are worry and anxiety robbing you of happiness, peace and well being? If so, you are not alone. Daily life stressors, including instant access to world events […]

Self-Esteem and Confidence

Coaching and Hypnosis Self esteem is the estimation of our own worth. It is how we believe, feel and act in ways that show we are lovable and capable. When […]

Stress Release

Coaching and Hypnosis Are you being pressured by life demands and situations? Are you feeling “out of balance”, anxious, worried or overwhelmed? Perhaps you’re going through a major life change, such […]

Weight Loss

Coaching and Hypnosis Are you struggling to lose weight and keep it off? Does excessive hunger, emotional eating, overeating or cravings keep sabotaging your success? I would be honored to […]

Attract Wealth

Coaching and Hypnosis Are you tired of not having enough money to fulfill your needs and desires? My wealth attraction program combines coaching and hypnosis to release inner blocks that […]

Hypnosis and Weight Loss – Yes! It Works!

woman using body tape measure while measuring her waist

Research has shown that hypnosis can have a significant effect on losing weight. Here are a few of the studies that demonstrate the value of adding hypnosis to weight loss […]

Hypnosis vs. Meditation

selective focus photography of green succulent plant

One of the most frequent questions I get as a hypnotherapist regards the difference between hypnosis and meditation. Meditation and hypnosis are similar in that they both relax us and […]

Breathing Exercises for Instant Calm

Looking for a quick and easy way to relax whenever you wish? You don’t need an hour of mediation or yoga to bring you into a state of calm. Just […]


Kristin, I have lost 20 pounds using your recording and book.


After just one session, I walked out of your office as a non-smoker. This was 12 years ago and I have not wanted a cigarette since! I know I wouldn’t […]


I’m feeling great and have made great changes already. No diet pop, no fast food, no eating out, no sweets and I’m not going crazy without them. I’m very happy!


I was getting almost no sleep at night because of hot flashes. Now I just listen to your Stress Release CD during the day and I feel refreshed and focused. […]


I lost 9 pounds the first week of my program with Kristin. I was never able to diet for more than a week before, and now I have no desire […]


I listened to your Quit Smoking CD once, when I went to bed at night, and I haven’t had any cravings!!! Thank you so much Kristin.


I have suffered with insomnia for about 11 years. I would put in a full day at work, running an office, responsible for a staff of 42 people, supporting the […]


I had one session with Kristin over eight years ago to quit smoking and I have been smoke free ever since. My whole family has come to see Kristin for […]


I feel so happy, which is totally opposite of how I used to feel when I tried quitting smoking before. I listen to your hypnosis cd everyday and it makes […]


I attended your event in the spring and lost 30 pounds.


Hi Kristin! My sister and I attended your Weight Loss Class last week and are really enjoying the results. We’ve each lost 5 pounds and have no desire for sugar […]


Hi Kristin! Just wanted to follow up with you after our Skype session – it’s been over a week now since our session and it’s been so easy to keep […]


Hi Kristin! It’s been 9 days since our Skype session and I am happy to report that I have lost 5lbs! It has been wonderful and easy! Thank you!


Hi Kristin! I just wanted to call you to say thank you for all you’ve done. I am just ecstatic and so happy. Thank you again for everything…for taking the […]


Kristin, Your Weight Loss CD is working for me. I no longer crave sweets and bread. I’ve changed all of my eating habits and have lost 9 pounds in just […]


Kristin, Your work really works! I am now sleeping without any medication and I have you to thank!


Kristin’s As Thin As You Think Seminar gave me the focus to lose and keep off 18 pounds. The class empowered me to exchange chocolate and bread cravings with a […]


Your Weight Loss CD is working for me. I no longer crave sweets and bread. I’ve changed all of my eating habits and have lost 9 pounds in just a […]


Your Quit Smoking CD is a Godsend! I’ve been off cigarettes now for over six months, just by using your CD. Anytime I get a craving, which is almost never […]


You helped me quit smoking 10 years ago. THANK YOU!!! Still not smoking and loving it!!!


With your hypnosis techniques and advice I now have no desire for pop. I now crave vegetables! I just did what you told me to do and the hypnosis made […]


With Kristin’s techniques and advice, I now have no desire for soda pop. I now crave vegetables! I just did what she told me to do, and the hypnosis made […]


With Kristin’s program, I have lost a total of 86 pounds. I feel fantastic and it has been really fun shopping for my upcoming vacation!


With Kristin’s help I lost 25 pounds without exercise and have effortlessly kept the weight off. The hypnosis was great. It took away the cravings for fast food and candy, […]


When I first started Kristin’s program, I weighed 220 pounds. With her techniques, I easily lost 40 pounds and have stayed at a healthy 180 pounds for over two years. […]


One week after session: I’m down 9 lbs and have been listening to the CD. Thank you for your help!


Nearly 13 years later and I’m still not smoking! I have sent many people to you over the years, and many have also been able to quit, without the mood […]


My husband quit his nicotine habit 7 years ago with your hypnosis technique. He hasn’t touched the chewing tobacco or cigarettes since! Just wanted to let you know and to […]


Thanks to you, Kristin, I am losing weight so easily. My Healthy Body Voice is loud and strong now and my Fast Food/Junk Food Voice is so weak – like […]


My experience with Kristin has been nothing but positive. Her combination of counseling and hypnosis has made losing a lifetime of poor eating habits and excess weight very easy. The […]


Kristin’s Emotional Eating class is spot on! Everyone needs to be there. For the first time in my life, I’m not dieting and I’m losing weight so easily. I have […]


Kristin’s book was a real eye-opener for me! For the first tine ever, I was able to connect past weight gain with specific physical and emotional events – and even […]


Kristin has written a practical, emotionally engaging, genuinely helpful guide to weight loss the does what others don’t: it gets to the root of the overeating. If you truly want […]


Since my weight loss program with Kristin began last week, I’m drinking tons of water, keeping a food journal and listening to her CD. I have also worked out twice […]


All I have to do is listen to it and hear your voice and I can feel my stress literally lifting off of me. I’m more relaxed and calm, have […]


Hi Kristin, I’m calling to let you know how well I’m doing after my second session with you. My sugar addiction is completely manageable and I’m losing 1.5 pounds per […]


Kristin, In just 2 weeks after my session with you I lost 15 pounds! Also, my blood pressure, cholesterol and blood sugar levels dropped significantly! The best part is that […]


Kristin, It’s been 4 years and my wife and I are both still not smoking, thanks to you.


Hi Kristin! My wife and I and even our dog fall asleep every night listening to your End Insomnia CD! It’s great!


Hi Kristin! I am down 35 pounds since I saw you at the beginning of September and the weight is still coming off with ease. My hives, fibromyalgia pain and […]

Achieving Inner Peace With Hypnosis

When I learned about the healing power of hypnosis several years ago, I began to incorporate it in my wellness coaching sessions and have been offering it to my clients […]

Changing Habits With Hypnosis

Hypnosis is a powerful form of mental rehearsal conducted while in a state of deep and pleasant relaxation.  When you’re deeply relaxed, the subconscious mind, where habits are formed and […]


Hello Kristin! You helped me quit smoking 10 years ago and I wanted to call you to thank you so much.


Dear Kristin, I am officially 2 years and 1 month smoke free! I am so happy to live the smoke free life and I would never be here if it […]


I want to thank you, Kristin. This has been the hardest time of my life, and I could not have started on the road to healing without your help. You […]


It will be 7 weeks tomorrow when I visited you for my session and it has been wonderful. I am down 16 pounds! Just wanted to let you know how […]


Hi Kristin, Just wanted to give you a quick update, I haven’t smoked since our last appointment, so I’m cigarette free for 3 weeks today and I haven’t drank in […]

Why Diets Fail

Are you frustrated with yo-yo dieting and extreme diets? Diets alone often don’t work in the long run because they fail to address the emotional components of overeating. By learning […]


It’s been one month since our appointment and I have to report that I haven’t smoked a single cigarette! Thank you endlessly for the gift of health. Hope all is […]

Can I Be Hypnotized?

One of the most common statements I hear from new clients is “I’m not sure I can be hypnotized”.   Actually, hypnosis is a natural state of mind that we all go […]


Kristin, It’s my one year anniversary smoke free – thank you so much! I LOVE being a non-smoker!

A Powerful Technique to End Emotional Eating

Visualization is a technique of mentally rehearsing in advance new behaviors and reactions to emotional triggers. In this way, you can power up your ability to respond to emotions without […]


My son, who has been in a slump since the start of baseball season, listened to your recording on sports performance before his game yesterday. They started a tournament with […]

Hypnosis and Weight Loss: Yes! It Works!

Many people eat for comfort or to relieve stress, which can become a life-long problem. We can also get addicted to refined carbs and sugar, which contributes to weight gain […]


Just a quick thank you for helping me quit smoking 4 years ago. One session and I haven’t smoked since. Just wanted to give you that feedback and to thank […]


Saturday’s class, Letting Go Of Sugar and Carbs Cravings, was excellent! My crazy food cravings are now under control. Thank you so much!

The Cupcake Button

Someone dear to me recently revealed that she’s been holding a grudge about a comment I once made. Not only was I deeply saddened by this, but I was surprised […]

A Hungry Young Man

It was the first sweltering day this summer and the misery of near 100 degree temperatures and high humidity was intensified by road construction gridlock. I was at a red […]

Freeing Yourself From Emotional Pain

Are there people or situations in your life causing you emotional pain? Does it sometimes feel like you’re being bullied or attacked by the outside world? I have an antidote […]

Lose Weight On Vacation? Definitely!

Does traveling for work or vacation cause you to sabotage your weight loss efforts?  Are you lugging home extra pounds with your luggage? You’re not alone.  Food and beverage temptations, […]

The Law of Abundance

Like many of you, holiday shopping is bringing me to the mall quite often. Out of habit, I always park by JC Penny. Starting at Thanksgiving every year for as […]

Overcoming Worry

Like you, I have my fair share of worries.  Or, should I say, I have my fair share of thoughts that, left unchecked, can persuade me to believe I have […]


Hi Kristin, Well, nearly 13 years later and I’m still not smoking! I remember calling you one cold Saturday many years ago, asking when you could see me. I walked […]


I was able to completely quit my gin addiction in just one session with you, Kristin. My second session allowed me to release the driving anxiety I’ve been suffering from […]


Kristin, It’s been 4 years since my husband and I quit smoking with one session and I want to thank you so much. We are healthier and wealthier because of […]

The Memory Keepers

Many years ago, when my mother-in-law, Eleanor, was in her early 80’s she made a startling comment. She said she was lonely. This was startling to hear because Eleanor was […]


Hello Kristin, I came to see you 2 months ago and am happy to say that I’ve been been a non-smoker since the session. Thank you, Kristin!

Taking a Pause

How’s your stress level lately? Many of us are feeling the pace of modern life depleting our energy faster than we can replenish it. Sadly, constant anxiety is starting to […]

Waking Up to Insomnia

Do you wake up in the middle of the night and have a hard time falling back asleep? “Nocturnal awakening”, as it’s called, affects over one-third of adults, causing considerable […]

Skype Client

You have genuinely helped transform my life!!! I honestly can’t thank you enough!


I just had my first ever writing published and was thinking of you. I wanted to say thank you for your encouragement in that area and all others!


I can’t recommend Kristin enough – very effective, very worthwhile, if you want to change she’s a real kickstarter.


5 months, fifteen days and still not smoking. Yea!!!!!!!! I’m referring two friends.


I’ve been experiencing excruciating pain with a tooth problem. Your hypnosis mp3 is the only thing that has been providing relief. And, it is providing very much relief. What a […]

Instructions for Life

While tackling Fall cleaning in my home office recently, I came upon an email I received and printed (and subsequently stored and forgotten about) in March of 2000.  Meant as […]

Ghana Trip

I had an amazing time traveling in Ghana with my brother, Tyler, and his girlfriend, Amelia. A beautiful country of dignified, welcoming people, Ghana is considered one of the safest […]

Your Life Purpose

My grandmothers, Lucille and Angela, endured many hardships in life, including the Great Depression, World War II, and in the case of Lucille, the tragic accidental death of her beloved […]