Coaching and Hypnosis

Are you struggling with getting adequate sleep? Is it hard for you to fall asleep or to stay asleep? Relief is easier than you think!

Whether your sleeplessness is due to mental anxiety, stress and worry, physical pain or poor sleeping conditions such as excessive external noise, hypnosis can promote the restful mind and body you are yearning.

Hypnosis allows you to enter the deeply relaxing brainwave state called theta. Theta naturally occurs as you enter and exit sleep and anytime you’re feeling relaxed. Therefore, it is completely safe. Hypnosis helps you turn off the busy chatter in your mind, relax your entire body and enter the rejuvenating sleep you need and desire.

With my unique combination of coaching and hypnosis, we’ll first explore the reasons why you’re experiencing insomnia. You will then be guided into the beautiful state of hypnosis and given post-hypnotic suggestions for restful sleep each and every night. I will also give you quick and easy tips to incorporate into your nighttime routine to help promote a great night’s sleep. 

If a session isn’t right for you at this time, you might consider my End Insomnia recording. Put on earbuds or headphones, relax away your worries and concerns and enter the deep and restful sleep you deserve.


“Kristin, your work really works! I am now sleeping without any medication and I have you to thank!”

— Sally, North Oaks, Minnesota