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As Thin As You Think; Discover the Keys to Unlocking Your Weight Loss Power

Kristin Volk Funk, M.Ed.

This is not a diet book. As you already undoubtedly know, diets have already failed you perhaps many times. This is a novel and tried-and-true way to embrace a healthy lifestyle that will automatically give you the body and fitness level you deserve and desire. This is a unique approach that I have successfully used thousands of times in my counseling office. My clients are able to lose weight without feeling like they’re dieting. They find that they automatically stop eating junk food, sugar and fattening foods and want to purchase and eat healthy, life affirming foods. Their story can now be your story.

In this book, you can unlock the door to:

  • Permanent and pain-free weight loss
  • A lifelong healthy relationship with food and with yourself
  • Understanding the power of your subconscious mind to create lasting change
  • Removing faulty beliefs that are holding you back
  • Easy tools, techniques and strategies that assure your success
  • Peace of mind – you will never have to feel powerless over any food or beverage again

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Product Description

My book, “As Thin As You Think; Discover the Keys to Unlocking Your Weight Loss Power”, addresses the root causes of overeating, helps readers release emotional addiction to food and provides the missing links that diets leave out. This book gives you tools: self esteem building exercises, easy techniques, guided meditations, journaling, important information on how best to utilize your powerful mind to create permanent weight loss and inspiring motivational stories from my clients.

The three biggest problems people experience when they want to lose weight:

  1. They have tried everything to lose weight and it hasn’t worked, leaving them feeling like a failure.
  2. They feel powerless and out of control about food.
  3. They know WHAT to do, but simply can’t do it.

Why traditional diets don’t work:

Traditional diets are about looking at the outside world: what you buy at the grocery store, what gym to join, the numbers on the scale. As long as you keep your focus on the outside, you will go on and off the diet. You will lose and then gain the weight. If nothing on the inside (your heart and mind) changes, you will stay stuck on the failure plan of diets.

True change happens from the inside out.

When you change on the inside, the reflection in the mirror changes.

Diets rely solely on your willpower and completely ignore not only emotions but also the subconscious mind, which is actually the most important part of the mind to address when we’re going for personal change. Your conscious mind is important for thinking and making plans but it’s limited to only about 10% of your total mind. It’s the 90% of your mind, called the subconscious, that holds crucial recordings of events, habits and memories of your past, including eating patterns and your emotional connection to food. 

Without bridging your conscious mind (your desire to lose weight) with your subconscious mind (your power), no amount of dieting or exercise will work long-term.

  • If you struggle with weight issues, it could very well be because your subconscious mind has been programmed to keep you eating in unhealthy ways. Overweight is not your fault and it’s definitely not an indication of lack of desire, strength or motivation. If you have trouble with your weight, it’s time to upgrade your subconscious mind. Otherwise, it’s operating on old, outdated information, completely without your awareness.
  • Once your subconscious and your conscious mind are working together, it’s EASY, effortless, and automatic to lose weight

What is this book about?

As Thin As You Think” gives simple techniques to utilize the powerhouse of your mind with guided visualization, quick meditative techniques that focus on success and motivation, how to automatically say “no!” to junk food and cravings and much more.

In this book you will be guided to:

  • Understand your own unique, personal relationship with food – how you currently use food in your life.
  • Identify your patterns of eating and weight gain/loss.
  • Identify when and why your weight gain started.
  • Look at when you are using food to relieve emotions (most people don’t even realize they are doing it, because it is subconscious).
  • Tools to consciously and subconsciously change those patterns.
  • How to distinguish between emotional hunger and physical hunger.
  • How to deal with emotions in healthy ways.
  • How to neutralize the common triggers to overeating, including how to keep the weight off while socializing and vacationing.

Kristin’s Story

Although I was thin as a child, I began to rapidly gain weight in my late 30’s. I felt absolutely despondent and was desperate to lose weight. This led me to embark on a personal journey to research why I was gaining weight and most importantly, why I was unable to lose the pounds. I began reading books written by doctors, nutritionists and psychologists and started to formulate an understanding of emotional eating, my patterns of thinking and feeling about myself and the habits that were sabotaging my health success. 

As my weight issues healed and I lost over 50 pounds, I began to help my clients identify the blocks to their weight loss and to offer tools to freedom. This book is the culmination of my discoveries, my personal success of losing the weight and keeping it off for over two decades and helping others achieve long lasting healthy weight. 

If you’re like me and my clients, you too want:

  • To lose the weight and keep it off forever.
  • Have it be easy, fast, and enjoyable.
  • Food to no longer run your life.
  • To banish unnecessary diets.
  • To get rid of your big clothes forever.
  • To be at your perfect weight and LOVE how you feel and how you look.
  • Your energy levels to go through the roof and feel unstoppable.
  • To easily and naturally choose the foods that keep you healthy and looking young.

Stop working so hard to lose weight!

“As Thin As You Think” can help you get out of the diet mentality and use your mind as your greatest weight loss asset. You deserve to stop blaming yourself for weight gain.

Stop the diets that are about deprivation, suffering, pain and often can’t be sustained, especially when we’re stressed. Diets are temporary. You can permanently change your relationship to food and your body!

In this book, I have taken years of reading, training and experience (both personally and as a counselor for over 30 years) and reduced it into a simple, rewarding experience for you. You have 23 short, easy to read chapters to explore at your own pace. You can go from chapter 1 to chapter 23 methodically, or skip around as you wish. You can stay with one chapter for as long as you need and desire until you’ve mastered the steps the chapter contains. You can record the guided meditations to listen to over and over again until your powerful subconscious mind, the home of our habits and desires, is fully programmed for your success. This is your journey, your awakening. Take your time. There is no rush. Trust your instincts on how to best use this book for your optimal good.

Chapter Titles

  • Part 1: Letting Go of Emotional Eating
    • Chapter 1: How I Found the Weight Loss Solution
    • Chapter 2: My Story …Your Story
    • Chapter 3: Making the Decision to Change
    • Chapter 4: Connect with the Thin Fabulous You
    • Chapter 5: Love Yourself Today
    • Chapter 6: Love Your Body Unconditionally
    • Chapter 7: Manifesting a Healthy Body
    • Chapter 8: Mentally Rehearing Success
    • Chapter 9: The Power of Thought
    • Chapter 10: Counteracting Sabotaging Beliefs and Thoughts
    • Chapter 11: Letting Go of Toxic Shame That Binds Us to Failure
    • Chapter 12: Fran’s Success Story
    • Chapter 13: Dealing With Emotions Without Eating
    • Chapter 14: The Strength of a Support System
    • Chapter 15: Healthy Eating During Times of Crisis
    • Chapter 16: Anchoring and Strengthening Your Motivation to Lose Weight.
  • Part 2: Developing Your Personal Weight Loss Plan
    • Chapter 17: Your Formula for Success
    • Chapter 18: The No Failure Plan
    • Chapter 19: Identify and Neutralize Your Triggers
    • Chapter 20: Eating Mindfully
    • Chapter 21: Weigh Yourself Regularly
    • Chapter 22: Seven Secret Weapons for Keeping Hunger Away
    • Chapter 23: Taking Your “Formula” Out to Dinner


“Kristin has written a practical, emotionally engaging, genuinely helpful guide to weight loss the does what others don’t: it gets to the root of the overeating. If you truly want this to be your last weight loss experience, you must read ‘As Thin As You Think’”

— Tina Feigal, M.S.ED

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