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End Insomnia: Guided Self-Hypnosis

Kristin Volk Funk, M.Ed.

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Product Description

End Insomnia: Guided Self-Hypnosis Audio Recording

Listening Time: 31 minutes 22 seconds

Drift with ease into a deep and restful sleep while relaxing with this guided self-hypnosis experience. Enjoy the background of specially created, beautiful music which is artistically woven throughout the meditation. You will be guided to gently release daily cares and worries and pleasantly enter a natural realm of deep, healthful sleep. Program your mind and body to remain asleep all night, enjoying soothing dreams and awaken with energy, mental clarity and optimism.

Because of the deeply relaxing effect of this recording, never use it while driving or anytime your attention is needed elsewhere.

For the optimal hypnosis experience, we recommend using headphones or earbuds.

Please note that audio recordings are non-refundable after purchase.


“I have suffered with insomnia for about 11 years. I would put in a full day at work, running an office, responsible for a staff of 42 people, supporting the president and CEO of a corporation in Washington DC. By the time I got home, my body was exhausted, but my mind would continue to race. At night, I would worry so intensely about sleeping that I would fear it. Bedtime was scary for me. I was at the end of my rope. I used and abused sleeping aids, over the counter drugs, prescription drugs and I still did not sleep. Any sleep I did get with these drugs left me feeling groggy and tired.

“Recently, my best friend sent me Kristin Volk Funk’s recording, with a handwritten note that said, ‘Here is the hypnosis tape, for Gods sake DON’T LISTEN TO IT WHILE DRIVING- IT’S HYPNOSIS!’ I smiled and smirked at the same time. “AS IF, I thought to myself, like this is going to work on me!! With my high tolerance I thought this would be just one more thing to prove that I am a non-sleeping freak of nature. Another failure. Nonetheless, I promised myself that I would listen to it that night. I listened and really, REALLY liked it! I felt a warm calming feeling slowly come over me. I LOVE THIS WOMAN’S VOICE!! I felt ‘light’, like the weight of the world had been taken off my shoulders.

“The next thing I remember it was morning and I felt GREAT! I had slept the entire night through, without ANY drugs or medications and I felt WONDERFUL!

“To be perfectly honest, I was a non-believer and thought myself to be non-hypnotizable, but I have listened to this tape every night since then and have peacefully drifted off into a tranquil, deep, MUCH NEEDED sleep. Thank you, Kristin!”

— Mary, Washington, D.C.

“Hi Kristin! My wife and I and even our dog fall asleep every night listening to your End Insomnia CD! It’s great!”

— Paul, Minneapolis, MN