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Letting Go of Worry and Anxiety: Guided Self-Hypnosis

Kristin Volk Funk, M.Ed.


Product Description

Letting Go of Worry and Anxiety: Guided Self-Hypnosis Audio Recording

Listening Time: 23 minutes

This recording is designed to help you release worries, fears and anxiety as you relax and enjoy the pleasant state of hypnosis. Create a still and quiet mind as you listen to this guided meditation and program your mind to face life challenges with strength, calm and happiness. 

  • Train your mind to relax and think clearly at will.
  • Enjoy deep sleep at night and awaken with optimism.
  • Let go of perfectionism and concerns about others’ opinion of you.
  • Transform fear into power.
  • Let go of past regrets.
  • View mistakes as opportunities for gaining knowledge, growth and strength.
  • Let go of the need to control and predict future outcomes. 
  • Nurture an attitude of acceptance of things you cannot control.
  • Be in the present moment of peace, serenity and contentment.

Let this recording free you to be your very best each and every day as you go with the flow in the river of change called Life. You deserve to live in peace today.

Due to the deeply relaxing effects of this recording only use it when it is safe to close your eyes and relax. Never listen to it while driving or operating machinery or anytime your attention is required elsewhere. After listening, please wait until you are fully alert before resuming normal activity.

For the optimal hypnosis experience, we recommend using headphones or earbuds.

Please note that audio recordings are non-refundable after purchase.