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Inner Peace: Guided Self-Hypnosis

Kristin Volk Funk, M.Ed.

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Product Description

Inner Peace: Guided Self-Hypnosis Audio Recording

Listening Time: 36 minutes 58 seconds

Enjoy this deeply relaxing meditation for developing calm, inner reflection and harmony. This meditation will help you become more aware of the presence of peace and stillness that resides within and to carry this peaceful presence throughout your everyday life. Float on a stream that takes you to a magical place of serenity and timelessness. Unburden yourself from the past and of future worries and free yourself to experience the present moment in its wondrous simplicity. A background of beautiful music will inspire you as you journey within and experience a quiet realm of unconditional love and peace.

Due to the deeply relaxing effects of this recording, please do not listen while driving, operating machinery or anytime your attention is needed elsewhere. After listening, please wait until you are fully alert before resuming normal activity.

For the optimal hypnosis experience, we recommend using headphones or earbuds.

Please note that audio recordings are non-refundable after purchase.