Coaching and Hypnosis

Self esteem is the estimation of our own worth. It is how we believe, feel and act in ways that show we are lovable and capable. When we are experiencing healthy self esteem, we feel good, look good and are effective and productive. We tend to welcome the unknown with greater confidence and treat ourselves with positive self-talk, rather than with critical commentary. In short, we are unconditionally loving and accepting of ourselves. 

Why is self esteem and confidence important?

Confident people tend to be optimistic and feel hopeful and worthy of good things. They enjoy a stronger immune system, show a self-loving response to failures and have the freedom to aspire to higher levels of success. 

Fill in the blank: “If I had greater self esteem and confidence, I would __________.”

Are you ready to nurture and love yourself unconditionally and enjoy happiness and optimism? Are you ready to face life with strength and hopefulness?

My unique combination of coaching and hypnosis can help you explore your goals. Together we will discuss your dreams and desires and also identify and address your barriers to self esteem, such as excessive perfectionism, dwelling on mistakes and negative self-talk. Your 90-minute session will also include healing hypnosis that will program your powerful subconscious mind for living with joy, confidence and self-love.


“Kristin, my session with you was remarkable. I feel more confident in every area of my life and I now react to work events with healthy assertiveness. I have less emotional baggage after just one session. I can’t believe the change in myself!”

— John, New York City, NY

“Kristin, you have genuinely helped transform my life!!! I honestly can’t thank you enough.”

— Ashley, London, UK

“The work we did together was fantastic and I made a change in my perception of myself. I now have the tools to help me and strengthen me. I found the imagery and words you used were perfect for me. I felt you understood my needs and affirmed me. Thank you!”

— Fred, Minneapolis MN