When I learned about the healing power of hypnosis several years ago, I began to incorporate it in my wellness coaching sessions and have been offering it to my clients ever since.  

What I love about hypnosis is how easy it is to achieve, allowing us to feel the joy and relief of being able to deeply relax at will, and how wonderful we feel during and after a session. When a new client asks if there’ll be any side-effects from their hypnosis session, I say “Yes! Inner peace, calm, mental clarity and optimism”!

Hypnotherapy is a powerful stress relieving tool because it’s entirely natural. It takes little or no practice or skill, just a willingness to relax. Unlike some medication, there are no negative side-effects. It safely resets stress hormones and can change the way you respond to stress on a daily basis. I like to think of hypnosis as a deeply relaxing “mind massage”.  

The Mayo Clinic suggests using “active techniques” to manage stress, such as relaxation techniques and meditation, as opposed to “inactive” ways such as watching television, surfing the internet or playing video games. The inactive steps may seem relaxing, but they can actually increase your stress. Hypnosis is “active” because goes to the root of the problem and provides powerful subconscious suggestions for well being, calm, ability to cope with life issues and restorative sleep.

My Inner Peace hypnosis recording includes beautiful music, guided journeys to safe and relaxing places and affirmations for emotional, mental and spiritual calm. As with all of my recordings, Inner Peace was created with love, prayer and heart centered intention for peace within us all.