Hypnosis is a powerful form of mental rehearsal conducted while in a state of deep and pleasant relaxation.  When you’re deeply relaxed, the subconscious mind, where habits are formed and stored, is accessible and open to receive suggestions for change. Because the subconscious stores, views and accesses past memories and future thoughts as clearly and strongly as those in the present time,  people in the state of hypnosis can mentally travel back to the past and forward to the future, eliciting positive images and feelings.  For this reason, hypnosis is an effective way to establish new habits. In my quit smoking sessions, for example, I often guide people to remember how great it felt before they started smoking.  How easy it was to breathe, move and feel super healthy.  I then anchor this memory and reactivate it in the present time, thus replacing the self identity of “I’m a smoker who can’t quit” with “I’m a happy, healthy nonsmoker today”. Once the great memories of being a natural nonsmoker in the past are reactivated in the present time, they can be similarly projected into the future. I guide people to experience the fabulous freedom of being permanently tobacco free, saving money for fun vacations, paying off bills, feeling super healthy and active.  Imagining, visually and emotionally, a long and fulfilling life as a nonsmoker creates this reality.   

Mental imagery combined with deep relaxation and strong positive emotions in these ways allows bad habits to fade away and new habits and mindsets to be strengthened and lived.  Who you want to be becomes who you now are.

This process works for weight loss, addictions, procrastination, anxiety, worry, fears, insomnia, public speaking, sports performance, alcohol and drug use and stress well. Essentially any areas of behavior change you desire can be addressed with hypnosis. Once you imagine with all your senses seeing, feeling and accomplishing what you truly want for yourself, your brain starts to function in alignment with these images. You become the person you are imagining, with the corresponding mindset and feelings. You begin to live life as a healthy eater, enjoying exercise and preparing delicious healthy meals. You begin to play your best at golf, soccer, football, running.  You see and feel yourself in control of alcohol and other mood altering substances. You act in fearless, strong and focused ways. 

You deserve the best life ever, free of limiting thoughts, emotions and habits. You deserve to be happy and in control today. The power to have your best life already exists in your mind.