Are you frustrated with yo-yo dieting and extreme diets?

Diets alone often don’t work in the long run because they fail to address the emotional components of overeating. By learning how to deal with sabotaging thoughts and behaviors that often derail the best of intentions, you can experience a weight loss journey with confidence and self-love. When you remove faulty core beliefs and the negative self-talk and habits that block your motivation and success, you can free yourself to shed the pounds.

Coaching and hypnosis can facilitate weight loss by helping people understand their root causes of overeating, reprogram the subconscious mind to enable healthy lifestyle changes and practice simple tools to create a healthy relationship with food.

My book, As Thin As You Think; Discover The Keys To Unlocking Your Weight Loss Power, includes journal entry pages and easy techniques to keep you focused and relaxed as you lose weight.  A perfect companion to the book is my weight loss hypnosis recording that can be purchased as a CD or downloaded from my website. The book is available through Amazon and as an e-book.

You deserve a healthy body. I would love to help you achieve this important goal.