Dieting is one of the most popular pastimes in the US. Yet, as a nation, we continue to gain more and more weight! Why is that? Something isn’t working.

What keeps us miserably stuck in patterns of overeating, yo yo ups-and-downs and weight gain? I believe a lot of it has to do with how we view ourselves and the inner language we practice.

By changing your relationship to yourself and food, you CAN lose weight and become the healthiest version of you! Without diets and deprivation.

As a hypnotherapist and weight loss coach, I have witnessed the power of healing thoughts and visualization in achieving weight goals.

It starts with AWARENESS of the inner saboteur who is keeping you stuck.  Here are some examples of thoughts you might recognize:

  • Healthy food is too expensive
  • I’m too busy to cook healthy meals
  • I’ll hurt the host’s feelings if I don’t eat the dessert
  • I deserve a treat today
  • I shouldn’t waste food. I should leave an empty plate.

These voices in our head put up walls and keep us stuck.

Here are some powerful statements of truth to counteract the sabotage thoughts (which I often use in hypnosis sessions with my clients):

  • Investing in my health will pay off well into the future. It’s money in my pocket.
  • Cooking at home saves me considerable time and money
  • It takes only a few seconds to wash a piece of fruit and only a few minutes to cut up some vegies.
  • I don’t need to cook a gourmet meal, just some healthy and simple foods.
  • I don’t have to apologize when I say “no thank you” to dessert.  Everyone benefits when I feel good about myself.
  • I deserve a slender, healthy body
  • I choose to treat myself as a valuable, worthwhile person.
  • I eat just the right amount and put leftovers away for a convenient snack or meal.
  • I bet just reading the positive thoughts uplifted you and perhaps even motivated you. That’s how powerful your thoughts are. They can either shut or open doors to success.

If you’re trying to lose weight, eavesdrop on the conversations happening in your head. Are your thoughts supporting or blocking your success? Gently replace the limiting belief thoughts with empowering belief thoughts and you may find weight coming off easier than ever!