Coaching and Hypnosis

Would you like to nurture a more reflective, intentional and growth inspired attitude about your life, relationships and purpose?

I would love to assist you in making the very most of each day and, in doing so, make progress in your personal development and happiness.

I have found that practicing a simple nightly meditation can make immense positive changes in one’s energy, joy and life fulfillment. By viewing each day as a completed chapter of your life, you can acknowledge and honor the challenges you faced and the beauty you created and expand your consciousness for greater happiness and success tomorrow.

The spiritual teacher Eckhart Tolle invites us to look at each day as a whole life that ends as we fall asleep. When we awaken in the morning, we are actually reincarnating into a brand new life. An evening meditation ritual, I believe, can help release negative karma from the day, learn from mistakes we no longer wish to repeat, dream beautiful dreams and awaken in the morning with inspiration and renewal.

If you’d like to meet with me to learn this technique and to explore your life purpose, please contact me. I do individual and group sessions, with in-office and remote options.

If a session isn’t right for you at this time, you might wish to consider my recording called Evening Meditation For Peace, Well Being and Deep Sleep. As a nightly ritual, it will serve as a mini-life review and inspire you to manifest more joy, hope, forgiveness and love in your life.

Every day of your life counts.You deserve time to nurture yourself and reflect on the beauty of your life. You deserve care and attention. You are worthwhile just as you are. You are important to this world.