Like many of you, holiday shopping is bringing me to the mall quite often. Out of habit, I always park by JC Penny. Starting at Thanksgiving every year for as long as I can remember, the same Salvation Army volunteer is stationed there ringing his bell by his donation kettle. He greets each shopper with a smile and a cheery “Merry Christmas!”, whether you donate or not. In other words, his cheerful greeting is unconditional.

There’s an energy around this man that seems to attract people. Shoppers linger there, chatting with him. Yesterday, I noticed two little girls dancing around his kettle as he rang his bell! People were laughing and having a light, fun moment together. What a gift this man is giving while at the same time receiving for those in need.

I’m inspired and reminded by this generous man to give unconditionally; to freely and frequently extend appreciation, hugs, smiles and compliments. I’m reminded that people can be very stressed this time of year, so I try to remember to send a silent wish to people I pass for their happiness and inner peace.

The Law of Attraction and Abundance states that giving and receiving are two equally vital aspects of the same flow of energy.  I liken it to breathing. You need to inhale to continue living but you also need to exhale in order to take your next breath.

Receiving gifts from others with grace and gratitude keeps the energy of abundance flowing. Feel loved and worthy of gifts. You deserve abundance and happiness, just because you are You!

This holiday season, I am sending you best wishes and heartfelt appreciation for being a part of my life.  May you and your loved ones receive joy, good health and happiness today and always.