Are there people or situations in your life causing you emotional pain? Does it sometimes feel like you’re being bullied or attacked by the outside world? I have an antidote that always works for me. Although it can be difficult to do when you’re feeling attacked or wrongly accused, I assure you it’s worth the effort. A willingness to be at peace is all you need to begin.

So here goes. If you’re ready to let go of feeling attacked by the outside world, try this: Send love.

I know this sounds counterintuitive or even like a sign of weakness, as we’re taught to fight back or fight against outside hurt and stress. But, seriously, how is this working for you? When I’m completely honest with myself,the answer is “it’s not”.

Try this instead and see what happens.

If someone is rude or aggressive toward you, send her love, remembering that an angry person is one who is deeply hurting inside. Her pain is flowing out and onto you. It’s not personal…ever. So there’s no need to confront the person, just send love. I have found that when I have the presence of mind and heart to do this, my own defensiveness and impulse to fight back dissolve away.  And an inner peace is activated.

Are your finances (or lack of) hurting you?  Send your financial situation love.  Ask “what are you teaching me?” What are the messages you are sending in the form of discomfort to guide and protect me?”  Then, be quiet and listen to what your financial situation has to tell you. This kind of information usually doesn’t come from the mind, but from the heart. You will have a knowing. If you hear any mental harsh judgment toward yourself, recognize this as coming from your ego or past programming from others. Ignore any and all abusive self-talk. Stay open to hear wisdom, which is never aggressive or mean.

Are you feeling lonely? Send your loneliness love and witness what happens. Listen to the wisdom that loneliness can lend. Ignore the mental lies that say something is wrong with YOU. Or blaming others. The answers to relieve your loneliness will come from your heart.

Is your work driving you crazy with overwhelm? Send the overwhelm love.  Feel the peace that emerges, softly, very softly, blanketing the overwhelm with comfort.

Are world events causing you fear and anxiety?  Send loving energy into the world and to your fear and anxiety. Notice an inner shift that wants to blossom within you. Nurture this shift whenever anxiety and fear are present.

Whatever your worries, send them love. Acknowledge your worries with kindness and observe what happens. Perhaps you’ll be guided to take action to remedy a situation.  Perhaps you’ll be guided to do something loving for yourself. This is really about forgiveness and forgiveness is not passivity.

Whenever I remember to send love to anyone or anything that is attacking me, my painful feelings of victimhood, like a mirage, disappear.

As you change your inner perceptions, beliefs and energy, the outside world can appear much kinder. And, ultimately, you are sending yourself love. Whatever we send out, we receive.

Here is a calming affirmation I have been repeating lately. It comes from an email a dear friend sent: “I am at peace with everyone and everything. I am safe in a world that protects and loves me and that I love in return”

Sending you love, peace and happiness,