Coaching and Hypnosis

Having raised two sons and also having worked as a parent educator for many years, I know how stressful, exhausting and challenging parenting can be. I also know how helpful it can be to talk about the frustrations and worries that go along with raising kids.

Would you like to meet with me and discuss the issues that are challenging you?

I invite you to schedule a free 15-minute phone consultation or reserve a 90-minute individual appointment with me. My coaching sessions are confidential and private and can be done remotely or in my professional setting. Hypnosis and guided meditation for deep relaxation can be included in your session if desired.

If a session isn’t right for you at this time, you might enjoy listening to my Successful Parenting recording in the comfort of your home. The recording is very relaxing and includes positive suggestions for parenting with patience, calm and loving communication.