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Flying Without Fear: Guided Self-Hypnosis

Kristin Volk Funk, M.Ed.

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Product Description

Flying Without Fear: Guided Self-Hypnosis Audio Recording

Listening Time: 37 minutes 1 second

Conquer your fear of flying and enjoy traveling again! This hypnotic meditation has been created to help you release anxiety and fear associated with flying and to feel calm before and during flights. A background of beautiful music that has been specially composed for this recording will deeply relax you as you visualize safe, serene and pleasant journeys. Listen to it in the days preceding a flight and during your travel. An even more enhanced use of this recording is to listen during a flight with an eye mask and neck pillow for a true trance-like experience! It will leave you feeling refreshed, optimistic and energized to enjoy your flight. 

Due to the deeply relaxing effects of this recording, listen to it only when it’s safe to close your eyes and relax. Never use this recording while driving or operating machinery, or anytime your attention is required elsewhere. After listening, please wait until you are fully alert before resuming normal activity.

For the optimal hypnosis experience, we recommend using headphones or earbuds.

Please note that audio recordings are non-refundable after purchase.