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Introduction to Hypnosis

Kristin Volk Funk, M.Ed.

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Product Description

Introduction to Hypnosis Audio Recording

Listening Time: 10 minutes 38 seconds

Are you curious about what hypnosis is and how it works? 

This relaxing recording will help take the mystery out of hypnosis and explain its use as a safe and wonderful mind/body tool that complements medical and psychological care. You will hear how hypnosis works, what it feels like and how it can help you cope with stress and anxiety and gain control over undesired behaviors. You’ll also learn what a hypnosis session with me is like and what to expect during and following your session. 

Since the music and voice on this recording are meant to be very relaxing, listen to it only when it is safe to close your eyes and relax, never while driving or anytime your attention is required elsewhere. After listening, please wait until you are fully alert before resuming normal activity.

Put on some headphones or earbuds, close your eyes and enjoy a few minutes of relaxation with this recording.