It is said that you only need to change 3% of what you are doing, for the rest of your life
to begin changing.

In the past decade we have been saturated with dieting information. We all know that sugar,
transfats and lack of exercise are bad for us. With all of the information available, why is it so
difficult for many of us to attain and maintain a slender, healthy body?

It is not just about what foods to eat and how to exercise, but also about what you have
innocently internalized in your heart and mind. The good news is that you can heal the
unconscious mistaken beliefs that have led you to overeat. When you change the inner you
into a healthier, more self-loving and confident one, you will start to view food differently.
More good news: This profound change does not require a lot of time or money.

As a formerly overweight person, I know firsthand the despair of not being able to lose
weight and keep it off.

If you are overweight, you are not to blame! It is not your fault!

Before you change your relationship to food, you must first change your relationship with
yourself. Traditional diets are about looking at the outside world: what you buy at the grocery
store, what gym to join, the numbers on the scale. As long as you keep your focus on the
outside, you will go on and then off the diet. You will lose and then gain the weight. If
nothing on the inside of your heart and mind changes, you will stay stuck on the failure plan
of diets.

I simply do not subscribe to the myth that positive changes need to be difficult and time
consuming. One of the many reasons I’ve embraced hypnotherapy is that changes can be
accomplished quickly and in an easy and pleasant manner. Once you’ve released emotional
and behavioral barriers, such as feelings of unworthiness, negative self-talk and other
damaging and limiting attitudes, you’re free to enjoy the body of your dreams.

When you change on the inside, the reflection you see in the mirror changes.

You can feel the confidence, the self-love and motivation to turn away from the
thoughts and feelings that cause you to gain weight. Are you ready to take charge of your
mind? Are you ready to be in control again?


Your beliefs are formed by the thoughts and images you repeat over and over again. To lose
weight, it’s helpful to first change your beliefs about your worthiness and ability to succeed.

Today’s exercise and suggested blog topic: Change Your Mind and Gain Control. The
first step to changing your thoughts is to be aware of them. Tune into the inner chatter that
habitually goes on in your mind. Are your thoughts positively propelling you toward weight
loss success, or are they sabotaging your desires? Examples of sabotaging thoughts are “I’ll
never lose weight. Why even try?”, “Getting older means a slow metabolism. I’m bound to
gain weight as I age”, “I hate (my body, myself, exercise)”
, and “I’m too busy to cook
healthy foods”
. What are your personal sabotaging thoughts? Let’s blog about this!

The second step is to change the sabotaging statements into statements of affirmation and to
repeat them as often as possible. You are your own personal hypnotherapist who is
programming your powerful subconscious mind all day long. When you realize that your
thoughts create your feelings, images and actions, you empower yourself to change today.


Notice how your physical strength, emotions and energy shift as you read the following
affirmations. Also, notice the positive images that are formed in your mind. Pay special
attention to the affirmations that trigger strong resistance. Resistance indicates a block.

  • I deserve to have a healthy, slender body.
  • My body is my best friend.
  • I love myself today, no matter what I weigh.
  • I enjoy compliments from others.
  • I prefer to be slender rather than to overeat.
  • Fruits and vegetables look, taste and smell delicious.
  • I have plenty of time to eat slowly.
  • I enjoy leaving extra food on my plate.
  • The more I exercise, the more I enjoy it.
  • I walk, talk, think, feel and act as a healthy person.
  • Today I’m finding clothes that look attractive on me.
  • I have a right to say “yes” to my needs.
  • I can do it!

Now, close your eyes and see yourself as slender, fit and energetic. Feel confidence and
happiness grow as you imagine yourself exercising, eating healthy foods, and buying smaller
sized clothes.Hear the compliments of others as you are beaming with pride.

What you internally see, hear, and feel become your reality. Good luck, best wishes and keep
in touch!