I was recently back at yoga class after a 3 week break and gosh, it was difficult. I felt
stiff and weak. At one particularly strenuous moment, laying face down on my yoga
mat, attempting to do the Bow Pose (picture turning your body into an inside out circle,
holding on to your feet and bending back, with only your stomach on the ground). I
could only hold the pose for a few seconds before releasing my feet and just laying on
my mat, resting. At that moment, I was aware of negative thoughts starting to flow into
my mind: “Maybe it’s time to give up on yoga” Maybe you’re too old for this” “This
hurts, so it can’t be good for you”. In quiet amazement, I witnessed how the first
negative thought, like a loyal doorman, held the door open for a flood of other negative
thoughts to enter without my invitation or permission. Not only thoughts about my
athletic abilities, but memories of times in my life that I failed. At the same time, I noticed
my physical strength diminishing at an alarming rate. Whoa, I thought! Time to take

So this is what I did: I started to mentally repeat the affirmation, “every day, in every
way, I’m getting better and better”. And guess what? A new doorman stepped up and
opened the door to a whole healthier and happier group of thoughts and memories. I
heard gentle, encouraging thoughts, like “Remember how the most difficult things in
your life got easier with time and practice?” and “Remember how you improved in yoga
so quickly when you first started last Spring?”. “Feel proud that you’re doing something
that’s challenging. Good for you!” Immediately, my strength returned and I felt excited
and committed to continue pursuing not only yoga, but other challenges in my life.

All this occurred in a matter of mere minutes.

Think of your brain and mind like Google, with billions of connections called neurons.
When you start a thought, especially one with a strong emotion attached, your
lightening speed mind instantly goes on a Google search for evidence to support and
expand that thought. Switch your thoughts and a whole new search starts. Just like
when you key in a word or phrase on your computer.

And just like when you do a Google search, you are in control of what you’re looking for.
Be discerning. Be intentional. Look for personal evidence of strength and capability
and let your reality shift into positivity and self-love.

Best wishes!